Why use us?

1. We get the job done

You won’t see Legal Business Coach posting blogs or promoting business coaching on Facebook.  We do not do life coaching or hold webinars on the five steps to building a healthier business.  Our mission is clear – work with businesses to make them healthier.

So, what do we do?

Analyse the business

  • Go onsite and speak with the business owners and ascertain their goals, concerns, and vision for their law firm.
  • Analyse the practices and procedures of the firm.
  • Examine the financial records of the firm and the individual lawyers.
  • Interview staff and obtain client feedback.

Develop a strategic plan for the business

  • Work with the owners to create the law firm that they desire.
  • Set goals and key performance indicators for each area of their practice.
  • Develop a strategy on how they are going to realise their goals.
  • Formulate a realistic time schedule to complete the agreed tasks.

Provide ongoing business coaching

  • Deliver encouraging, hands on support to ensure that the work the owners planned to undertake is completed.
  • Provide accountability and follow up.
  • Develop policy and procedures where required.

2. We know law firms

We believe that all law firms have key areas of their practice that need to be healthy to ensure long-term success;

  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Finances
  • Staff
  • Efficiency

We work with the owners of the business to ensure that each area of their practice remains healthy.  We work with clients to build a culture of excellence in the way they operate their business.  Goals and measures are established so that the business is positioned for health and continuous growth.

Outline of our experience in these five areas:


Lionel planned and developed his firm’s website that had over 2,000 pages of content and attracted over one million unique visitors to the site each year.  The website produced approximately 80% of the work performed by the 28 lawyers the company employed.  Lionel has extensive experience in online marketing, including Search Engine Optimisation and Content Optimisation (the process of turning an enquirer into a client).


Armstrong Legal won the coveted City of Sydney Professional Service Business of the year for 2 years. This prize is awarded on an independent assessment of client feedback. We can provide staff training on how they can improve client satisfaction.


Business owners need to clearly understand their businesses financial performance on a weekly basis.  Lionel will ensure that the partners are provided with a dashboard of the key financial indicators to help them effectively lead their practice and will coach them on how to identify and rectify areas of concern.


Recruiting, motivating, and retaining good staff is one of the most challenging yet important parts of leading a successful law firm. We have worked with law firms that had a toxic staff culture, including secretarial staff conflicted with each other and with the lawyers of the firm.  After following our recommendations, we have seen the culture of firms change dramatically. Establishing a positive culture in an organisation is one of Lionel’s greatest strengths.


Lionel established clear and efficient work practices in his law firm which was Law 9000 accredited.  Lionel works with Management to develop standard and efficient work practices for the firm.  Where required we can draft the practices and procedures and establish an intranet site in which staff can access training videos, standard forms, and written policies.

3. We will not provide business coaching services to your competitor

We only work for five or less law firms at any one time.  We work for law firms all over Australia, across different areas of law.  We restrict the work we do so that we will not act for another law firm in your state that practices in the same area of law you do. All information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

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