Strategic Planning

We work with business owners and their key staff to formulate a vision for their law firm and set goals for their law practice. These goals are tailored to what the owners / partners want to achieve.

The strategic plan will address five key areas of the legal practice;

  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Efficiency
  • Finances
  • Staff

Achievable and measurable goals are set for each of these areas.

A plan is then made as to how the business will reach the goals set.  This process normally takes place over two or more sessions.  The key tasks that have been identified are allocated across the organisation so the partners / owners do only the work that they want to do.  The work of implementation is also spread out over twelve months so the weekly strain on the partners / staff is minimal.  Legal Business Coach can also undertake any of the work if the partners / business owners require assistance.

We have automated software that will remind staff what is required of them and when.  This alleviates the pressure on partners to manage the implantation work.  Each month we will present the partners with a report on performance to date, against the goals they have set and discuss the progress of the agreed tasks.

With this level of support and encouragement, the strategic plan becomes a vital tool that drives the law firm forward to reaching its goals.

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