Business Analysis

We recommend that all legal firms start with a full analysis of their business.  As an outsider not working in the business, we can see things that can be improved that the owners may not see.  The principal of legal Business Coach, Lionel Rattenbury has an astute business mind and the experience to identify and problem-solve issues quickly.

We take the time to get to know your business and the key people we will work with on an ongoing basis.  This helps us to make recommendations throughout the strategic planning and regular coaching sessions.  Our analysis of your business includes the following:

  • An onsite visit to gain understanding of the office dynamics and work practices.
  • Obtaining staff feedback on the firm’s performance, client service, efficiency, staffing issues and job satisfaction.
  • Analysing financial reports.
  • Evaluation of marketing efforts and new client conversion records.
  • Assess client satisfaction

Lionel will then draft a report on the health of the practice.  This report will contain the findings of the detailed analysis and contain recommendations for increasing the health of the practice.

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