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Business Coach

Lionel Rattenbury is the principal of Legal Business Coach. After founding a highly successful legal practice that grew to 50 staff within 9 years, Lionel understands law firms and what makes them healthy and profitable.

Through experience and an astute business mind Lionel will quickly analyse what is going wrong and what the firm is doing well.  He will make recommendations and work with the business owners to develop a strategic plan to achieve their vision and goals.  Lionel works closely with the business owners to do the hard work that ensures new strategies are implemented.

What is involved

Step 1 – Business Analysis

Lionel and a member of his team will attend the law firm and analyse the work practices and financial records of the firm and interview the business owners, staff, and clients.

Step 2 – Health Report

Following a thorough analysis of the business, a detailed report outlining the health of the practice will be provided to the business owners.  This report will contain recommendations on how the health of the firm can be improved.

Step 3 – Strategic Planning

The business owners will meet with Lionel and a member of his team to develop a strategic plan. This plan will address improvements to each area of their business and provide a realistic time for the implementation of the plan.

Step 4 – Business Coaching

To ensure the strategic plan is carried out the business owners or staff responsible for implementing the plan will have a telephone conference with Lionel each week.  An assistant business analyst works with the business personnel to ensure the implementation requirements are completed each week.

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