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Our mission is clear – work with businesses to make them healthier.  We will not provide motivational webinars or generic materials that have come from the latest self-help book we have read.  We will simply work with you to identify the goals you want to achieve and develop the strategic plan to see them fulfilled.

The business coaching consists of a weekly telephone conference with the principal of Legal Business Coach, Lionel Rattenbury and ongoing support by an assistant business analyst.  It is normal for there to be between three and five hours of additional work carried out by us during the week.

One week in every month, there will be a review of the strategic plan. Lionel will provide a report to the partners as to the law firm’s performance against the goals they have set.  The report will also include the work that was completed that month.  This helps the partners / business owners to remain focused on the goals and tasks they have set.

Lionel, is a former owner of a legal business and can understand the demands placed on a partner / business owner and can step in and do the work if that is required.

Currently, we are drafting all the policies and procedures for a law firm in South Australia. This involves working with the office manager and partners on procedures and setting up an intranet site to access the video and written procedures we develop. The automation of the induction process for this firm is likely to save them countless hours of time.

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